# Widths

aleutcss’ widths tooling allows you to generate a suite of utility classes for sizing pieces of UI responsively.

Install using npm:

	$ npm install --save-dev


Basic usage of the functions in a SCSS-file:

@include inuit-widths(3);

This will generate a series of classes in the format .u-1/3 to be used for sizing: ```css .u-1\/3 { width: 33.33333333% !important; }

.u-2\/3 { width: 66.66666667% !important; }

Pass in the columns we want the widths to have, and an optional suffix for responsive widths. E.g. to create thirds and quarters for a small breakpoint:

@include widths(3 4, -sm);

This will yield:

.u-1\/3-sm {
	width: 33.33333333% !important;

.u-2\/3-sm {
	width: 66.66666667% !important;

.u-1\/4-sm {
	width: 25% !important;

.u-2\/4-sm {
	width: 50% !important;

.u-3\/4-sm {
	width: 75% !important;