# Defaults

This module contains a few variables and settings that are required for using any of the rest of the framework. These are:

	$font-size:	    	16px;
	$line-height:    	24px;
	$text-color:		#333;
	$background-color:	#fff;

	$spacing:       	24px;
	$spacing--tiny		6px;
	$spacing--small:	12px;
	$spacing--large:	48px;
	$spacing--huge		96px;

If you want to change any of these variables read more on Modifying aleut. Be extra aware of the $spacing-variables. The default spacing in aleut is 24px, and each time you meet a class-name called --tiny (6px),--small (12px), --large (48px) or --huge (96px) they refer to these values.

Install using npm:

$ npm install --save-dev aleut.settings.defaults